Providing Education, Research & Treatment.

Finding our balance with our phones, computers, and tablets. 


One of our Founders, Kristin Walker, Speaking On Digital Media and Mental Health

Digital Tech Initiative is a Benefit, LLC

We are a socially conscious organization with our net proceeds
being utilized to fund mental health initiatives.

Digital Tech Initiative Is Here To Help

Training & Education

We help attendees identify the negative impact on problem solving and coping mechanisms, cognitive functioning, memory, the effects on neural pathways of the brain and its relationship to self-destructive and suicidal behavior.


We provide the latest peer reviewed research on the impact of digital media use on the need for immediate gratification, difficulty in differentiating real from imagined threats, the FOMO effect, the impact on feelings of abandonment and rejection and it influences on both neurotransmitters and brain function.

Treatment Programs & Finding a Balance

Addresses the fact that digital media can have negative and destructive impacts on the development of Self, where one becomes accustomed to adapting to the expectations and modeling on Social Networking sites which expose individuals to constant comparison, competition, fear of abandonment and rejection, and the potential development of lack of remorse, lack of consideration for the impact behaviors have on others and consequential neuro-chemical changes in the brain.
Treating the “Loss of Self ” that can be related to the development of both personality and mood disorders, such as depression (currently at a 40 year all-time high, with an over 70% increase in suicide since the introduction of SmartPhones and social media), the increased need for immediate gratification, the break down in both social skills and problem solving and therefore, the increased risk of poor coping, impulsive and potentially self-destructive behaviors.
And finally, suggestions and specific personal operating recommendations for the development and maintenance of Self with the use of digital media.


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