Dr. Heather-Ayn Indelicato

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Clinical Psychologist, Suicidologist

Dr. Heather-Ayn Indelicato

Dr. Indelicato (“Dr. I”) is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist and Suicidologist. She is the program coordinator for a Zero Suicide Initiative grant at a rural hospital on the Navajo Reservation. She instructs medical providers and healthcare professionals in safety planning and risk assessment; crisis debriefing; and, she is an expert consultant to inpatient and outpatient units, mobile health, and the Emergency Department. Dr. I coordinates postvention efforts and outreach services to the Navajo community. She has developed a Loss Survivor Support Group – Talking Circle with Traditional practitioners, a collaborative and innovative support resource for hospital employees. Recently, she has been working on a brief video series to promote appropriate messaging about suicide and suicide prevention.
Dr. is a recurring guest on KTNN Radio – “The Voice of the Navajo Nation.” She is the creator of Suicide Nation, a podcast on the Mental Health News Radio Network. Dr. I has also appeared in a film by nDigiDreams, a Native women-owned film production that shares the stories of hope and healing of Indigenous people all over the world. The film is part of the Indian Health Service toolkit: Best and Promising Practices for the Implementation of Zero Suicide in Native America.

The intersection of behavioral health initiatives and public health issues is a primary focus and passion of hers. She has extensive experience working with underserved, marginalized and at-risk populations including homeless, formerly incarcerated adults, adolescents in juvenile justice settings, SMI, LGBTQ+, as well as individuals who have endured severe trauma, neglect and/or abuse. She has also coached interdisciplinary inpatient psychiatric teams to build trauma-informed treatment practices in the milieu.
During her career, Dr. I has supervised pre-doctoral psychology candidates and taught psychiatric residents evidence-based clinical interventions to treat suicidality, self-harm ideations and behaviors, severe mood and/or psychotic symptoms, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and Borderline Personality Disorder. She completed a Dialectical Behavioral Treatment (DBT) Certification with Behavioral Tech. Dr. I graduated from Nova Southeastern University with her Doctorate in Clinical Psychology along with a concentration in Long Term Mental Illness.
Dr. I is a dynamic presenter; she is passionate and warm. She provides a safe space to engage and discuss the complexities of suicide, suicide prevention and related mental health topics in a candid and comprehensible manner. Dr. I balances complex subject matter with exceptional agility; and, easily connects to diverse crowds and settings.


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