Dr. Kristina Hallett

Supporting the Treatment, Research, and Awareness of Digital Media Addictions

Board Certified Clinical Psychologist. University Professor. Corporate Trainer. Public Speaker.

Kristina Hallett, PhD

Dr. Kristina Hallett is a Board-Certified Clinical Psychologist, Executive Coach, Keynote Speaker and Associate Professor of Psychology at Bay Path University. She is the author of international best-sellers Own Best Friend: Eight Steps to a Life of Purpose, Passion, and Ease and Be Awesome: Banish Burnout, Create Motivation from the Inside Out. Dr. Hallett has a wealth of experience in speaking, teaching and clinical practice. Dr. Hallett speaks internationally in several areas – productivity, resilience, communication, self-care, harnessing the positive power of stress, mentoring, and living your best life. Dr. Hallett received her bachelor’s degree from Wellesley College in Biology and Psychology and her doctorate in Clinical Psychology in 1993 and is a Fellow of the American Academy of Clinical Psychology.
Dr. Hallett has based her career in public service, working with disadvantaged youth in the community, as the Director of two outpatient clinics, the Director of Children’s Services for a behavioral health system, Director of Psychological Services in the Connecticut prison system, and as the Director of Clinical Training for a pre-doctoral internship program for a community mental health center. Her clinical specialties are equally broad, as she is the “therapist for therapists” in her community and works specifically with high-achieving professionals to enhance their productivity and effectiveness while decreasing stress. She also has a specialization in working with complex trauma and dissociative disorders, as well as anxiety, depression and personality disorders.

Dr. Hallett is the go-to expert for helping busy professionals re-energize, revitalize, decrease stress and ditch self-doubt, so they can own their awesome and find true work-life synergy. She uses her decades of psychological experience, love of reading and down-to-earth approach to facilitate progress and change. She is known for her approachable style, ready smile and genuine commitment to achievable solutions that work. Across the board, her clients and conference attendees say, “I feel like you really knew ME” and report inspiring, life-changing results.


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