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Dr. Mark Leads

Mark Leeds, DO, host of The Rehab Podcast on the Mental Health News Radio Network, is an osteopathic family physician with a focus on addiction care in his medical practice. He provides affordable and personalized medical treatment to patients suffering from substance use disorder. With a small and dedicated practice, he is able to give his patients the time and attention required to help them through this difficult, chronic illness. Dr. Leeds’ approach to addiction medicine allows for a level of support and attention that is not possible in a large, primary care clinic. On The Rehab Podcast, Dr. Leeds interviews guests on the topic of healthcare and addiction treatment to explore the expanded universe of ways to help people traveling on the path to recovery from addiction.
Dr. Leeds studied osteopathic medicine at Des Moines University after completing his undergraduate degree in mathematics at Vassar College. During his early years of medical practice, he began to study and apply the concept of developing useful electronic medical records software within a primary care setting. Since 2004, Dr. Leeds has contributed to the OpenEMR open source medical records software project, developing bug fixes and improvements. He has served on the board of directors of Open Source Medical Software and as a lecturer at the Monroe Osteopathic Medical Association Annual Conference in Islamorada, Florida.

Dr. Leeds has contributed significant tools to the OpenEMR project which have been available to the public for many years, including: Formscript, a self-contained, automated form building program to facilitate the creating of plug-in forms for OpenEMR; and CAMOS (Computer Aided Medical Operating System), an EMR within an EMR. This comprehensive tool is still maintained as part of the core of the OpenEMR open source electronic medical records software and used by physicians all over the world.
Dr. Leeds continues with the efforts of software development, providing unique electronic medical records solutions to local physicians. In recent years, he has applied his experience, talent and skill to the development of content marketing, using existing open source software online to reach out to prospective patients. He is a pioneer in building a micro-practice and creating a patient base using technology-based marketing skills. He regularly meets with other physicians interested and involved in micro-practices to discuss solutions to building their medical practices using technological solutions.


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